Different types of Reservation Quotas in Indian Railways

You might have came across the word ‘Quota’ while traveling in a train several times. In this post you would come across all of them in brief. Subsequent blogs would provide you with the detail description of every quota to fulfill your eagerness.

In all there are 19 Quotas to serve the purpose of railway system.

S. No. Quota Description
1. GN General Quota
2. LD Ladies Quota
3. HO Head quarters/high official Quota
4. DF Defence Quota
5. PH Parliament house Quota
6. FT Foreign Tourist Quota
7. DP Duty Pass Quota
8. tq Tatkal Quota
9. PT Premium Tatkal Quota
10. SS Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
11. HP Physically Handicapped Quota
12. RE Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
13. GNRS General Quota Road Side
14. OS Out Station
15. PQ Pooled Quota
16. RC(RAC) Reservation Against Cancellation
17. RS Road Side
18. YU Yuva
19. LB Lower Berth

Some Important points to notice about Quotas :

  1. These quotas have a definite percentage of seats in a train.
  2. All quotas are not present in every train (Like YUVA quota is only available in Yuva Express etc.).
  3. General Quota comprises of 50% of seats that are available for everyone.
  4. Every Quota is to serve different purpose (Like Parliament Quota is for MPs etc).
  5. Whenever any quota seats are vacant, at the time of charting all it’s seats merge into General Quota to give confirm berths to the Waiting List or are available as Current seats.


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