India – Switzerland MoU on cooperation in Rail sector.

In the cabinet meeting held today (04 October, 2017) decision on MoU between India and Switzerland in the rail sector was been apprised.


The major points of the Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India and Federal department of Environment,Transport, Energy and Communication of Swiss Confederation which was been signed on 31st August, 2017 :

  1. Tilting Trains : Tilting trains that are really prominent for high speed in Switzerland and other countries which used the technology. The Tilting trains have a unique feature of tilting of the coach while the wheels and bogie remain on track, so the train must not be slowed on a curve.
  2. EMU and rolling stock : The modern EMU and rolling stock manufactured in Switzerland would be manufactured in India with the sharing of technologies.
  3. Railway Station Modernisation : The Stations would be redeveloped with the help of Swiss Companies (for few stations).
  4. Traction Rolling Stock
  5. Traction Propulsion Equipment
  6. Modern Freight and Passenger Cars
  7. Railway Electrification Equipment
  8. Train Scheduling and operation improvement
  9. Multimodal transport
  10. Tunneling technology

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