Meet the new members of family. WAG 12 and WAG-C3

After the import of evolution series locomotives, WDG4G manufactured by the GE transport the growth of the rolling stock of locomotives in India started aggressively. Along with this growth in the arsenal, two new locomotives are been revealed – WAG12 and WAGC3. Both the locomotives were revealed in a trial and testing phase.


First, let’s have a look at the WAG12:

WAG 12


W – Wide/Broad Gauge

A – AC traction

G – Goods load

12 – Locomotive class

The WAG12 locomotive class is based on the T8 Prima locomotive which is manufactured by Alstom, France. The locomotive is a twin electric freight locomotive consisting of two 6,000 hp locomotives to attain a final output power rating of 12,000 hp. These locomotives are manufactured jointly by Alstom and RDSO, Indian Railways. The production of these 800 high power locomotives comes under the ambitious initiative of Make in India taken by the Indian Government. In the initial stage, the parts of the locomotive would be outsourced by the Alstom and assembled in the Electric Locomotive Factory (Alstom Madhepura) situated in the Indian State of Bihar. Later the parts of locomotive like transformers, brakes, shells would be manufactured in different factories in India.

General Specifications:

  1. Bogie type: Bo-Bo.


  1. No. of Axles: 8


  1. Wheel Diameter: 1250 mm


  1. Electric System: 25 kV 50Hz AC


  1. Locomotive brakes: Regenerative


  1. Power Output : 12,000 hp


  1. Tractive Effort: 785 kN


  1. Max Speed : 120 km/hr (75 mph)




W – Wide/Broad Gauge

A – AC traction

G – Goods load

C3 – Class (C stands for converted)

One of the parts of the locomotive having two of them coupling and creating a permanent 12-axle locomotive.

This locomotive was been modified from a diesel locomotive (WDG3A) manufactured by ALco and is been converted to an electric locomotive by the use of pure Indian Technology under the Make in India initiative. It is been successfully tested locomotive that works on the electric traction of 25 kV 50 Hz AC. This locomotive is been confused to be a dual mode (that can work on both electric and diesel traction) locomotive but that is not true. According to the statement by the Ministry of Railways, it is a pure electric locomotive and also the name suggests the same. It is a twin electric freight locomotive consisting of two locomotives having output power rating of 5,000 hp making it a resultant locomotive having 10,000 hp power. This locomotive answered the question that “what to do with these diesel locomotives after the electrification of all routes?” Now we have an answer with an example.

General Specifications not yet released.

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