New Time table now in effect.

The revised timetables for 500+ trains across India are now under effect. There is nothing to worry about with the rise of internet in India and the application of e-governance in Indian Railways this is now very simple to know the revised timetable of the Trains.

Link to the Time Table Search in various site.

  1. Indian Railways official site – The problem in this site is this shows only schedules of Reserved trains i.e. the trains which have the reservation facility available.
  2. NTES – Personally best site for timetable search can provide you with live status also.
  3. India Rail Info – There are lot of other private sites but this one is most reliable.

You would be thinking why is time table revised after a period of time? Is that just a ritual?

It’s not just a ritual. Time table are revised to maintain proper track load in every section as with the inauguration of new trains the load on the track becomes very poorly distributed and hence Time Table are changed to maintain the distribution.

It is also done if due to some recently added track limit a train is constantly arriving late at some stations to make it on time the train gets few more added time.

Similarly, if there is a possibility of a train to arrive much before than the time stated in the time table some of the time is subtracted in it.

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