New Version of IRCTC website released. Attractive UI, New features and many more.

The new version of IRCTC website is now available. With new attractive looking user interface there are many features that are added to the website. Here are some features about it.

Home Page

As you open the new version website you will come up across several menus at the top of the Home Page. These are

  4. MEALS
  7. IRCTC eWallet

One of the biggest changes in the home page is that you could now search trains without logging in.

The other noticeable change in the home page is that you can know your PNR status here.



So let’s begin with try booking a ticket.



We fill the stations in between which we need a train and hit Find Trains.



The new interface here also looks really attractive now let’s check for the availability of the Banglore Rajdhani. Before you do that you must select which class you want. By default the dropdown box would show the lowest class available in that particular train. Also make sure which Quota you need to look into (e.g. General Quota, Ladies, Lower Berth/ Senior Citizen). Now Hit Check availability & fare button.



You can see the current status of the train here and also the price. If you hover on the’ i’ button next to the price display you can see the fare break up.

Oh no! It’s a waiting of 2.

Do not worry about if your reservation would confirm or look into other sites for that you can now see it here. Click on the CNF Probability button. Now you need to sign in to your IRCTC account.



After signing in to your account you can see the probability of your ticket to get confirmed.



The probability is been calculated on the basis of last years’ confirmation record. In my personal opinion you need to keep that the probability must not be near a 50-50 chance. That would be a very risky one if you book it. A probability above 85% is a favorable one and you could go for it.

Complete go on and complete your booking now or look for other trains that have some available seats.

Once you had logged in the searches you perform would automatically be saved in the Favorite Journey List which you can look into in the menu where you search trains in between stations.

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