To plan for a jouney in a fog affected period.

It you are planning for a journey within a week or two you should be aware that this period of time is under the fog affected period. During this period you should (if possible) avoid the trains originating from northern India as mostly they are the one which run 5-10 hours late.

This blog would tell you that if you cannot avoid the fog affected trains what to do.

Visibility in NCR is as low a 50m.

How to know that my train is fog affected?

This question is relevent. How can I say that my train is fog affected. To find all the fog affected trains you can visit the NTES site. Under the hyperlink Fog affected trains you would get the list of all of them.

My train is fog affected what to do next?

If your train is in the fog affected category you should look upon it’s running instances. If it is late by 1-5 hours there is nothing to panic within a week the fog would get less dense and your train may get on time.

If my train is late by more than 5 hours?

If your train is late by more than 5 hours then if you could go for another train which is late by less than 5 hours. If there is no option the real problem begins.

I don’t have option what to do now?

First of all don’t panic and cancel your plans. You should keep an eye on the running status of the train on the jouney date and leave for the station only if the time you need to arrive the station is equal to the time required for the train to arrive the station plus 30 more minutes. If you arrived the station and the train is getting more and more late you should probably wait in the Waiting Room(if your train is not announced for arrival) as your train is not going to come only if you are on the platform. Waiting room has all the facilities of announcement and displays that shows your trains status when it is announced that your train is about to arrive, you could leave for the platform then.

This blog just suggests you a way but to choose it is all your wish.
We wish you a happy journey.

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